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Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation

1. Please send your presentation files to the Secretariat (secretariat@asiapacificoptometry.org) by16 October 2009.
2. Notebook computer, LCD projector and a display screen will be provided at the presentation room.
3. You are required to bring a soft copy of your updated presentations in either CD-Rom or portable USB format to the presentation room during the break immediately before your session (at least 15 minutes before your presentation session).
4. Your presentation will last about 15 minutes including Question & Answer.

For the oral presentation schedule, please refer to the detailed programme schedule at the Daily Schedule page.

Poster Presentation

Poster session hour
6 Nov 2009 (Friday) 10:45 a.m. ?11:15 a.m.; 4:00 p.m. ?4:30 p.m.
7 Nov 2009 (Saturday) 10:15 a.m. ?10:45 a.m.; 3:30 p.m. ?4:00 p.m.

For the poster presentation schedule, please refer to the poster presentation schedule at the Daily Schedule page.

Poster session location

Poster session will be displayed at the Podium Level, Core A, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Please click here to download the map of the venue of the poster session.

Mount and removal of posters
All posters must be mounted throughout the poster sessions. On the presentation day (6 or 7 Nov 2009), presenters must:
1. mount their posters between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.;
2. show up at all poster sessions; and
3. remove all posters by 5:30 p.m.
Posters remaining on the posterboards after 5:30 p.m. will be removed and discarded and will not be returned.

Posterboard details
Posterboards will be provided for poster presentation. Each poster area is A0 size, 841mm (wide) x 1189mm (high).
For readability, a minimum font size of 28 points and a maximum of 600 words are recommended. Blue-green and magenta-violet, which appear gray to your red-green colour blind colleagues are advised not to be used. Materials for mounting the poster will be provided at the poster area. Please set up the poster on the proper posterboard number on your presentation day.