• 3rd World Congress of Optomerty

    The World Council of Optometry (WCO) and the American Academy of Optometry (Academy) will be co-hosting the 3rd World Congress of Optometry in conjunction with the Academy meeting. The meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA at the Orange County Convention Center, October 23-28, 2019 and will feature joint CE tracks. For more information, please visit the conference website at

  • The 11th Asia Cornea and Contact Lens Conference

    The Asia Cornea and Contact Lens Conference (ACCLC) is a premier international conference within the Asia Pacific region. Since the first ACCLC in 2004, this conference has become one of the main optometry academic events for the region, providing great opportunities for delegates to network with each other. The growing success of ACCLC events over the last decade augurs well for a strong and exciting program for this, the 11th ACCLC. The 11th ACCLC will be held in Hyundai Hotel, Gyeongju, South Korea, April 9-10, 2018 during the most beautiful of seasons, cherry blossom season. This conference is organized with the purpose of advancing cornea and contact lens practice. We bring to you well-known international and local keynote speakers and have organized industrial, workshop, and scientific paper sessions and exhibitions. Various topics related to current issues including myopia prevention, presbyopia, binocular vision, orthokeratology will be addressed during the conference. ACCLC 2018 will provide a great opportunity to share knowledge and ideas among practicing optometrist, scientists and stake-holders. For more information, please visit the conference website at

  • Guangzhou Accord on Eye Health Management in China

  • Congratulations to Dr. Akio Kanai for his Vision Aid Mission for overseas refugees. He has recently received the following awards/ recognition in Japan:

• “The Yomiursi International Corporation Prize” given by the Yomiuri Newspaper Co.

The award ceremony was held on November 16th 2017 at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Five million yen was given as part of the prize. This sum is going to be donated to the refugees and the IDPs in Azerbaijan. During the ceremony, Dr. Kanai received the congratulatory message from Mr. Antonio Gutteres, the Secretary General of the United Nations!

Yomiuri Newspaper is the largest newspaper company in Japan and probably the largest in the world with the subscription number exceeding well over eight million.

• Government recognition, “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette”
The recommendation was made by the International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ceremony took place on November 15th 2017.

Dr. Kanai received the Decoration Diploma with the Medal in the Office of the Foreign Ministry followed by the Emperor's Audience in the Imperial Palace.

• A message written by the Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzou Abe for the 35th Anniversary book of the Fuji Vision Aid Mission.

  • In Deep Condolences of Dr. Claro M. Cinco

  • 2nd World Congress of Optometry