Prof. Hyun-Sung Leem

Prof. Hyun-Sung Leem, Member

Professor Hyun-Sung Leem is Professor and Head at Department of Optometry, Eulji University, Korea since 2020. He has served as an educator and academic at various universities including Daebul University, and Han Yang University. He has also served as a clinician at Department of Ophthalmology Konkuk University Hospital in 2005 to 2007.

Professor Leem is actively engaged with professional organizations and is serving as Academic Vice Chairman of the Korean Society of Vision Science since 2019, International Academic Vice Chairman of Korean Optometric Association since 2019.

He is affiliated with many optometric professional associations in KOREA, and a studying on Development of a Quantitative Measurement Tool for Cybersickness Using Virtual Reality. His main interests are in optometric practice model and business aspects of optometry particularly the trend and evolution of the optometry industry in Asia.