The Council shall have one objective: to promote, protect and advance eye health and visual welfare of the peoples of the Asia and Pacific region through:

  • Providing an international forum for the optometry associations of the Asia and Pacific region, and promoting communication and exchange among all of these associations to facilitate effective collaboration.
  • Promoting the advancement of ethical professional behavior and high standards of clinical care by optometrists.
  • Promoting the high standards of education of optometrists as primary eye care professionals, through supporting the development of university education of optometrists in the Asia and Pacific region.
  • Promoting, for protection of the public, the development of statutory control of the profession of Optometry in the Asia and Pacific region.
  • Promoting continuing professional development by convening scientific, educational and professional meetings and conferences among members of the Council and among optometrists from the Asia and Pacific region.
  • Supporting and facilitating public health programs in Optometry and primary eye health care on a national or international level.
  • Supporting advocacy for Optometry as a primary eye care profession to government and non government agencies in the Asia and Pacific region.
  • Contributing to an informed public opinion among all peoples on matters relating to primary eye health care by optometrists.